AP got less cash than Telangana!

Chandrababu got less cash from RBI!

Chandrababu got less cash from RBI!

Was Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu cut up with the Centre because Andhra Pradesh got less currency than Telangana in the aftermath of demonetization? Was that why he had expressed dissatisfaction yesterday over the notes ban issue as being a vexatious one?

According to a Times of India report, the bigger AP state got quite less than cash than the smaller Telangana after November 8, when the notes ban came into effect. 

The total money received by Telangana since demonetization is`20,704 crore. In the last two days alone, Telangana received 1600 crore. The state had earlier received 19,104 crore.  Andhra Pradesh till date received 14,740 crore, which means Telangana received almost 6700 crore more than AP.

Though Telangana has less population and is smaller geographically compared to Andhra Pradesh, it has managed to get more currency than its neighbor post demonetization. 

“The real reason for Chandrababu Naidu’s displeasure displayed in Vijayawada on Tuesday was that Telangana has been given more currency than Andhra Pradesh. Despite the fact that AP has more than 5.5 crore population compared to 3.8 crore of Telangana, the latter has been regularly supplied new notes in all denominations,“ the paper quoted a senior official in the Telangana government as saying.

This is indeed a curious development, and one for which only the AP Government should have an explanation!