CBN says state got more investments, refutes SCS arguments

vizag security

Security beefed up in Vizag in view of RK beach protest.

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu fought fault with those behind the proposed Vizag protest for Special Category Status. Speaking to reporters, he refuted the arguments for SCS and said the State was getting many benefits through Special Package. 

“Let them explain to me how Special Status is any better than what we are getting at present. They are only misleading the young on this issue. I appeal to the parents and everybody to understand that this government wants to develop the state at any cost,” he said.

      CM on Investments

The CM also said that he was demanding legal protection for the Special Package announced for the State.

Chandrababu said self-respect argument does not cut ice with him. “TDP was founded on the basis of self-respect. Why would I be afraid of anybody? I have no high command,” he said. He charaterised all those who are supporting agitation on this issue as being ‘brutal’.

The Chief Minister said no other state secured as many investments as Andhra Pradesh during the last two years. Following the last year’s CII Partnership Summit, as many as 157 MoUs are in the final stages of implementation, while 1.9 lakh crore investments actually flowed into the state. As a result, around 2.27 lakh would get employment. “Tell me which State got more investments than this,” he questioned in response to criticism against the Partnership Summit.