Chakri’s wife Sravani alleges in-laws’ harassment for money – Video

Wife Sravani alleged Chakri's family was harassing her.

Wife Sravani alleged Chakri’s family was harassing her.

Sravani, wife of music director Chakri who passed away on Monday, filed a complaint with the State Human Rights Commission, accusing her husband’s  family of harassing and threatening her. According to her complaint, her husband’s relatives blamed her for the death of Chakri and forcefully collected keys, cheque books documents and jewellery from the house.

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Sravani named her mother-in-law Vidyavathi among others who were abusing her. She said she was afraid of these relatives and sought protection for  her safety.

Sravani said there was not much money left, as Chakri would spend most of the money earned for others. She, however, wanted to reconcile with his family and sort out things, as she wants Chakri’s name should not be spoiled.

Sravani complaint to HRC.

Sravani complaint to HRC.