Deputy CM in damage control mode

Deputy CM Damodra Rajanarasimha has realized that media could be a double-edged weapon. He was forced to eat his own words on Monday targeting CM Kiran as a result of media’s ‘indiscretion’.

Damodara spoke to a dozen media persons, including those from tv channels on Monday. The off-the-record chat, wherein the Deputy CM vent out his ire against the CM, was not only reported but some channels directed attributed the comments to Damodara himself.

The ongoing war between the CM and the Deputy CM was flashed in all channels and papers including the national dailies. The CM reportedly sent all the clippings and visuals to Delhi, putting the Deputy CM in the dock.

Damodara immediately sensed the damage that his reported outburst could cause to his image in Delhi. He called for a press conference on Tuesday and rubbished the reports that he had any differences with the CM.

The Deputy CM apparently went into damage control on Monday evening itself when some channels started flashing the ‘differences’ citing him. He and his camp followers called up the media houses and told them to stop the telecast immediately. But the damage was done by that time, and in any case, most of the print media carried the story though without attributing it to the Deputy CM.

For one who generally keeps away from the media, the latest experience must have been bitter for Damodara Rajanarasimha.