How Dollar Seshadri manages to stay put in TTD

The TTD pointman for pleasing VIPs

There is a curious tale behind Dollar Seshadri’s extension recently by the TTD. It may be recalled that the man for all seasons was given a two-year extension by the board amid protests, followed by a writ petition in the High Court.

The Board’s note in this regard said that the services of the controversial insider of the Tirumala temple was further needed in the holy place as he should ‘groom a successor’, though there was no explanation about what he would groom anybody for.

The note also says that Dollar Seshadri was required for ‘documenting’ the Sevas and Rituals of the temple, as if there was no existing record of the elaborate rituals of age-old shrine.

Most curiously, while the Board considered that he should be given extension for a year in view of these considerations, the actual order mysteriously said that the extension was for two years!

The reason for Seshadri’s hold on the TTD apparently lies in his ability to make good impression on all people who matter, who include  Governor ESL Narasimhan, a regular visitor to Tirumala. TTD chairman Kanumuri Bapiraju is also enamoured of Seshadri’s abilities in casting a spell on all VVIPs who matter in power corridors.

The following is a note received by APNEWSLIVE elaborating the fraud committed by the TTD Board:

The services of Seshadri were proposed to be extended by one year by way of Board Note No.110. It was clearly written in the Board Note that it is not possible to go on extending the services of Seshadri endlessly or eternally. However, it was proposed by the TTD administration to extend the services of Seshadri for one year for the sole reason that there is no book on Sevas and Rituals of Lord Balaji. Seshadri would be writing a book on Sevas and Rituals of Lord Balaji.

This is only a pretext. Mr.Seshadri never wrote any book nor attempted to write any book till date. He is always in the Temple receiving the VIPs, posing before the Media and harassing the sincere, dedicated, untiring, honest Kainkaryaparas, including Archakas, Paricharikas, Ekangies and others.

Everybody is afraid of Seshadri because he is very close to the Chairman, TTD, Bapiraju and his wife “Super Chairman” and unconstitutional authority and he is always inside the Temple. Seshadri got the extension only by breaking the Rules, the custom and usage.

Seshadri is not an Archaka, is not Kainkaryapara, is not Ekangi, is not Adhyapaka, is not Acharyapurusha and is not even an employee of TTD, but everything he commands just because the Excellency the Governor of Andhra Pradesh has forced the TTD Administration to give extension to Seshadri.

Chairman, Bapiraju who is also in the job of greeting the others like Seshadri, gave extension of service to Seshadri for two years when there was a proposal for one year.

So far as the Sevas and Rituals of Lord Balaji are concerned, Sri H.H.Peda Jeeyangar is the Ihika Dharmakartha of the Temple and Peda Jeeyangar Mutt will take care of these things.

Seshadri is not Valmiki or Mahavyasa or Annamayya to write books on Sevas and Rituals which should be the Pramanikam for the future generations to come.

When extension was given to Seshadri on the pretext “Bahana” of writing a book, he should have been posted at Tirupati in the Administrative Office or at the Press of TTD. Why Seshadri is posted at inside the Temple, why he receives the President of India, why and how he can bless the President of India with Archakas on par with Peda Jeeyangar, Pradhana Archaka, Acharyapurusha and others.