Filmy couple in Tara’s cast

Tara Chowdary

Tara Chowdary story seems to be never ending. The latest to figure in her alleged confessional statement are a filmy couple, who are lying low presently.  Tara reportedly said that the aging hero, known for his angry young man characters in the past, used her services promising cinema roles in his movies.

The actor, who has a running feud with Chiranjeevi, did all this with the knowledge of his wife, who is also an actress-turned-director. The wife apparently told her that casting couch was all too common in the film industry and told her not to get hyper about it.

The couple who switched many parties and presently scouting for a new one to join, was alleged by Tara of exploiting her, even using her as a pimp.

Meanwhile, police claim that a plan was hatched to eliminate Tara Chowdary by those who might have been threatened by her alleged blackmail. Her arrest actually saved her, is what cops say.

Brothers of a hero were allegedly in regular touch with her. The two brothers who have been on the wrong side of law several times in the past are said to have maintained relations with her.