Hans India wants to make KCR popular in Andhra…

Hans India story to make KCR hero in AP

Hans India story to make KCR hero in AP

You want to know what subtle propaganda is? Read today’s The Hans India (By the way, few people seem to know how to pronounce the title of this paper. It is Hans (H as in hut, ans as in nuns) India, not Haans India! Hans is actually Sanskrit for Hamsa.) has a front page report that screams “Now Andhra likes KCR”.

The report claims that Andhra people are in love with KCR for his ‘great achievements’ and feel he was a ‘good administrator’. To prove its point, it reveals what it claims a self-styled survey with half-a-dozen people in the entire state.

According to the report, KCR is being greatly admired by the Andhra people because of his two-bed room flat scheme and water missions. However, the report sounds very shallow as none of the schemes have come to fruition to date. In fact, the double-bedroom scheme is yet to take off.

This report is mischievous and is intended to create hype for KCR in Andhra. The beleaguered group (which owns Kapil Chitfunds) seems to be trying to please KCR, who is in any case ruling the roost in Telangana with no credible opposition.

KCR will certainly be happy with this plant, but will The Hans India improve its credibility ratings? Doubtful!