How many more news channels!

Can viewers take more viewers?

People have lost count of the number of news channels that are airing in Telugu. Last checked, there are as many as 13 satellite news channels and half-a-dozen cable channels bombarding viewers in Andhra Pradesh with an overdose of current non-affairs.

But the promoters seem to be unfazed. While three more channels have been announced, a couple more have been in the pipeline. While Image, V6 and ABC News have started work, Tulasi and another from the Chiranjeevi-Ganta Srinivasa Rao camp are yet to take a shape.

Those who are familiar with the TV market are a little surprised at the audacity of the promoters at this stage. In the cluttered TV news market, most of the current channels are running in losses. While monthly expenses are in the range of a crore, at least half of the channels are not able to earn more than 60-70 lakhs.

With more channels in the fray, it is likely that all of them will have to share this pie. This only means that all the channels will have to fight for the same advertisements.

Image Channel promoter C Venkatesara rao is a step ahead by splashing his ads for recruitment across all the major Telugu and English newspapers, but asking even Chief Editor to send resume for the post caused a little consternation among the hopefuls.

V6 is being promoted by Telangana Congress MP Vivekananda, an industrialist in his own right. It is said to be targeting the market in Telangana. The channel has already placed orders for equipment with vendors. Expected date of launch is January end. If everything goes as planned, V6 might be the first one to hit the post.

ABC, aiming to be the first Vijayawada-based news channel, is reportedly being promoted by Abhaya Gold group. There are a lot of question marks over its feasibility both in terms of revenues and staffing. Though they claim to have plans to commence broadcast from Sankranthi, doubts persist over its future.