KCR family awarded Metro sub-contracts?

KCR under scanner

Kancha Ilaiah, a professor of political science, has always been a bitter critic of KCR and his ideological moorings. The dalit intellectual has charged the undisputed leader of TRS of sabotaging the movement for the separate state in lieu of Polavaram contract.

The diminutive professor also alleges that KCR’s family were given away sub-contracts in the ongoing Metro project and expensive cars besides the Rs 4,000 cr worth Polvaram contract for derailing the ‘sakala janula same (general strike)’ and diluting the agitation.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singsh would not have made a categorical statement against separate Telangana without the ‘dangle’ of Polavaram, Dr Ilaiah,  presently director for the study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, Maulana Azad National Urdu University in Hyderabad, concludes.

He charges the leadership of political JAC of being in cahoots in this deal.

KCR would be another Madhu Koda or a Sibu Soren in illegitimate collections, even in the event of Telangana being formed by a remote chance in the backdrop of the politics of Mayawati, the contrarian thinker argues.

In any case, the Andhra politicians would not allow division after having allowed KCR grabbing the Polavaram contract, the activist-writer says.

Congress Party would not order any inquires into the illegal assets of this first family of Telangana politics, as TRS had saved the government from the threat posed by Jagan, Prof Ilaiah concludes.