KCR welcomes Seemandhra corporate lobby

KCR all for Kavitha

KCR all for Kavitha

KCR and TRS are always looking for potential divisive issues to manipulate Telangana sentiment in their favour. They would also at the same time like to project themselves as being ‘very democratic’ in their demand, saying that they were only opposed to ‘Seemandhra corporate lobby’ and not its people.

But who are welcome in the new Telangana state? In an interview to Eenadu today, KCR announces grandly, “Andhra industrialists will be provided a red carpet welcome in the new state”.

The question, then, is who is unwelcome in separate Telangana? While KCR always blames Andhra corporate lobby for obstructing the realization of the separate state, how can he simultaneously embrace them in his state?

KCR also justifies his family members’ active role in TRS politics, saying that they identified themselves with the movement totally. He reserved his special praise for his daughter Kavitha, whom Telangana people see as the very incarnation of Batukamma. She was the only special guest invited on to the dais at the 12th anniversary celebrations held recently at Armoor in Nizamabad.

He also ruled out allying with BJP or CPI in the next elections despite their pro-Telangana stand, giving a clear indication that his party would freely choose partners in the power game that would unfold post-2014 polls.