Lokesh evokes sentiment for Babu in speech

lokeshNara Lokesh is still a work in the making. Though he is active behind the political scene – and even the administrative one – Lokesh is yet to make an impact as an orator par excellence. He is still searching for his own idiom. He is yet to come to grips with the language and the flow.

Lokesh made his first big speech in last year Mahanadu. This year too, he gave a rather lengthy speech at Tirupati Mahanadu. He tried to ensure that he had touched upon all important things in his speech. At the end, he tried one seasoned trick – invoking empathy and sympathy for the ever-hardworking Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. Stating that the CM did not have enough time to spare for his loving grandson Devansh, because the former was always hopping around the State, Lokesh wanted this picture of the CM to be the one imprinted on the people at large in the state.

This is Lokesh’s attempt at striking family chord in Mahanadu:

      Nara Lokesh Speech at Mahanadu