Lokesh improved public speaking, but still needs to sharpen image

Nara Lokesh speakng at e-Pragati training programme.

Nara Lokesh speakng at e-Pragati training programme.

Nara Lokesh has given interviews to various media organisations on the occasion of his completing 100 days as Minister for IT & Panchayat Raj in Chandrababu Naidu Government. The series of interviews is one of the rare interactions of Lokesh with the media in recent times. 

Given that Lokesh’s articulation, especially in Telugu, has been a cause of concern for his party leaders, and an object of ridicule for YSR Congress fans, the young Minister has done reasonably well in these interviews – both print and electronic. He has displayed some maturity in tackling tricky questions, and was forthcoming in responding to uncomfortable issues – such as allegations of corruption against him. 

For example, when asked about his father’s assessment of him, he quickly asked the reporter to ask the Chief Minister about the same.

However, the 34-year-old TDP National General Secretary still needs to sharpen his public speaking skills in tune with his key role in the party and the government . While he comes across as somebody who has considerable understanding of complex issues, his ability to get across his point convincingly and effectively is still not good enough. Interestingly, he seems more at ease when speaking in English, as is evident from his speech at e-Pragati meet. 

It is true that Lokesh has made a mark on his ministries during these hundred days. He is clearly in comfort zone while dealing with tech people, and the results are showing with many IT companies setting shop in the state, following his pro-active approach. In the Panchayat Raj area too, he has been making conscious effort to reach out to the public in the rural Andhra, and attending to all kinds of civic complaints instantly.

However, Lokesh still needs to brush up his oratorical skills, and work on his public image. Age is on his side, but with next elections approaching, he needs to up the ante sooner than later to take on his bete noir YSR Congress Party and its chief Jagan Mohan Reddy.