Mahesh Babu, Chandrababu traitors, Pawan real hero: Varma unplugged

mahesh babuOne wouldn’t know whether Ram Gopal Varma really means what he says. But his latest tweets are seriously funny.” Any celebrity if they don’t immidiatley don’t join in his fight for the people’s problems they are criminal traitors of AP,” declared Varma.

Varma is also clear about who is more interested in Andhra Pradesh and its development: “Am shockingly stunned that inspite of him being the CM is so much less bothered than about AP people’s problems”.

He also saw another shocking thing: “Vizag is looking like in a war atmosphere of Iraq..SHOCKING!”

True to his propensity to come up with something unexpected, Ram Gopal Varma launched a frontal attack on Mahesh Babu, by comparing him with Pawan Kalyan. “Why supporting some Tamil festival culture more than survival problems of AP ? Becos he’s not as caring as ?”, he concluded.

And he went on : “Shocked is more bothered about dubbing market people than survival problems of actual people who made him super star”. “If fans don’t tell him to back ‘s fight for AP’s struggle they also are as big traitors of AP as him”.

And then, Varma showers fulsome compliments to Pawan Kalyan: “Other heroes fight only filmy police n filmy politicians but is fighting real villains like real police n real politicians”.

Pawan is bigger than big Hollywood figures:”Even great heroes from Stallone, Schwarznagger, Bruce Lee etc onwards also fought only normals but is fighting Governments”.

Earlier, Varms praised Pawan’s Desh Bachao album, saying,”Using dubstep sound mixed with rustic voices nd thundering lyrics by for protest is a dynamic stroke of sheer genius”.

So, what is Ram Gopal Varma’s intention in hyping up Pawan Kalyan, taking on Mahesh Babu, and denigrating Chandrababu Naidu? Probably, nothing except some attention grabbing.

Varma is known for his provocative comments aimed at shocking people with his comments. He also has been unpredictable in his stand vis-a-vis others within and outside film industry. There were occasions in the past when he had ridiculed even Pawan Kalyan, whom he now seeks to project as some kind of real life super hero.