Mallemala’s expose of filmy people in autobio

Srikrishna Vijayamu still

NTR vs Nagabhushanam

Mallemala had faced problems with NTR when the latter took strong objection to the character of Poundraka Vasudeva in Srikrishna Vijayam (1971). NTR did not like the idea of another Krishna in the film even if he were to be a fake. “Who is this fellow? I have acted in so many mythologicals. I haven’t heard of Poundraka Vasudeva,” an angry NTR asked him.

Mallemala explained that this character was mentioned in Bhagavatham, but NTR did not like that anybody else should be wearing the Krishna costumes complete with ‘Nemali Pinchamu’. An upset NTR said that in that case, he would have a ‘social’ costume, if Poundraka, being played by Nagabhushanam, is to have Krishna costumes.

An equally curt Mallemala said that he was okay with the idea but needed time to prepare his ‘social’ costume. NTR fumed at the sarcasm, but later fell in line with the theme and allowed Poundraka to have his part! During this conversation, Mallemala apparently told NTR that he might be a great actor but did not know everything about the puranas.

Fall-out with NTR

Mallemala and NTR had good relations throughout despite the intermittent hiccups. Mallemala says that NTR would exploit his producers for his personal needs also. He claims in his book that NTR did not pay him money after he booked rooms for guests for NTR’s daughter Bhuvaneswari’s marriage with Chandrababu Naidu. “That’s your contribution to the wedding,” is the answer Mallemala got when he asked for refund.

In another instance, Mallemala tells us how NTR got plants for his 20 acre land that the hero bought in Hyderabad. After arranging for the plants, I had sent my brother for costs, but NTR did not pay, Mallemala says. “Your brother does not seem to know our friendship,” NTR told Mallemala’s brother.

Mallemala had a bitter experience when he was made to wait by NTR endlessly. His wife felt humiliated. “She made me promise that I will never make another film with NTR,” Mallemala said.   More

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