Ministers mount attack on CM

jana reddyMinisters in the Kiran cabinet are sore that the CM is not consulting them on any issue. They are also upset that he has been trying to project himself at the cost of everybody else.

Senior Minister K Jana Reddy today openly said that the CM should not have made provocative remarks on Bayyaram. He said ministers were not aware of what the government was planning to do on Bayyaram. Given that regional sentiments are strong, the CM should have observed restraint in his remarks on the issue, Jana siad.

On the same day, another Minister D L Ravindra Reddy made scathing remarks against Kiran Kumar Reddy on the latter’s recent pet program ‘Bangaru Talli’. He said the ministers were not told about the new scheme. Pointing out that such a program was already in existence during late YSR’s regime, DL said the scheme did not receive any funds during the last many months. Even, the same fate holds Bangaru Talli. He went to the extent of saying that he would ask the people to rise against the government if the scheme was not implemented.

The PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana too gave vent to his anger today, saying that he would find out details about the scheme before he could make any comments on CM’s announcement.

Already, Deputy CM Damodara Raja Narasimha made his displeasure public by keeping himself away from CM’s program in his home district recently.