Nag is Ravan in RGV’s Ramayana

RGV never fails to shock

After underworld themes and horror flicks, Ram Gopal Varma now wants to inflict his version of Ramayana. Yes, the maverick director is all set to make a bilingual film in Telugu and Hindi on Valmiki’s eternal story.

But RGV’s Ramayana is not remake of the epic story on the lines of Ramanand Sagar or our own veteran Bapu, but a modern retelling of the story in the contemporary setting.

The interesting thing about this film is that Nagarjuna is slated to play the role of Ravan. “Ntr star image `Daana veera shoora karna` lo Duryodhanudiki elaa vupayoga padindho alaage nagarjuna star image Raavanudiki avuthundhi,” Varma said a twitter message.

The way RGV narrated this story, it almost sound comical. But the eccentric director is very serious about his flick.

“I have been listening to Ramayana since my childhood. I pondered many times why that story has been getting patrons for these many centuries. With that, now I got a thought to make Ramayana in my own style.

My Ramayana doesn’t belong to Treta Yug but represents the present time. How it sounds if the characters in Ramayana live in our time here in Hyderabad? The answer is am Gopal Varma’s Ramayanam,” Varma said in a press statement.

Varma’s story will see Dasarath Rao as owner of Ayodhya Group of Industries. His wife is Kousalya. Rao goes to Mumbai on a business work and there he happens to get close to Kaikeyi Agarwal. He marries her. He commits to Kaikeyi Agarwal in a weak moment that he would give away his company to Bharathkumar, their son.

Ram Shankar is the eldest son of Dasarath Rao and Kousalya. He never denies his father. Despite resistance from Ayodhya Group workers, he goes to run a sick unit. Lakshman Shankar, who is younger brother to Ram also, goes with him.

Lanka group of companies is the rival to Ayodhya Group. Ravan Raju is its owner. While his brother is Bheeshan Raju, Soorpana is his sister. “The conflict between these groups becomes my Ramayana,” he said.

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