Ranga no Mahatama Gandhi, RGV tells Radha

Varma dares Vangaveeti Radha!

Varma dares Vangaveeti Radha!

The Ram Gopal Varma- Vangaveeti Radhakrishna tug-of-war refuses to die down. On the occasion of Vangaveeti Ranga’s 28th death anniversary, Radhakrishna denounced Varma for misrepresenting Vangaveeti Radha in the film Vangaveeti.

“For the sake of a few bucks, Varma resorted to damaging the reputation of Ranga. Had he wanted only money, Ranga fans would have collected a fund and thrown at him,” Radhakrishna said in Vijayawada. “He (Varma) will pay for this,” thundered Radhakrishna.

A defiant Varma, not one to take a jibe in his stride, took up cudgels with Radhakrishna, saying that he did not show some facts that would have shown Ranga in poor light. “Was Ranga not involved in violence and murders? Was he a Buddha?” he questioned. He also tweeted:

“On his death anniversary I wish Ranga instead of resting in peace tells his uninformed followers what I showed is right..Jai Mohana Ranga.”

Varma also remarked that Radha did not have the qualities that either Ranga or the senior Radha possessed. He also advised Radha and his followers to make their own version of Vangaveeti to showcase their own interpretation.

It may be mentioned that Ranga fans were not too happy with RGV for not bestowing Ranga with as much heroism as they expected in the film. While Devineni Nehru had better shade of character, the title character of Vangaveeti did not get as much focus as needed in this kind of a film, they felt. 

It is in this backdrop that Vangaveeti Radhakrishna, from day one, has been voicing his opposition to the film. He also lodged a complaint with the DGP against the film.