Revanth’s voice, literally, stifled in the TS Assembly

TS Assembly Speaker being spoken to, before he said he disallowed Revanth from speaking.

TS Assembly Speaker being spoken to, before he said he disallowed Revanth from speaking.

The Telangana Assembly has been completely turned into TRS fiefdom with least scruples for democratic principles. The House was on Monday adjourned without giving an opportunity to TDP to speak on the My Home Rameshwar Rao issue. Surprisingly, Speaker Madhusudanachari asked TDP to speak, but when Revanth Reddy started speaking, he abruptly read a prepared text saying that the issue was discussed sufficiently and other issues would be taken up.

Throughout, it was clear that the way the Assembly was being run was being directed by somebody. After Congress Bhatti Vikramarka spoke on the issue, CM KCR gave an elaborate answer. And then it was the turn of the TDP to speak. It may be recalled that Revanth Reddyw was the one who had originally raised the issue and made several allegations against the government. Revanth was not allowed subsequently in the Assembly. Whenever he stood to speak, the TRS MLAs, on a cue, were creating noisy scenes. The Speaker had then said that Revanth would have chance to speak when the issue was to be taken up for full discussion.

On Monday, when Revanth rose to speak, as usual, the TRS MLAs created noisy scenes. Revanth, however, started his speech. Just a minute into speaking, Revanth’s mike suddenly went silent. The Assembly cameras showed only the Speaker, who was intently listening to somebody not seen in the frame. After a couple of minutes, Madhusudanachari suddenly said the discussion was over and adjourned the House.

Clearly, the ruling TRS did not want that Revanth Reddy should not be allowed to speak. The ruling party MLAs kept on making loud noises all through the last week also. But what is surprising is the behaviour of the Telangana Assembly Speaker.  The way he stifled the voice of Revanth Reddy is clearly undemocratic and appears to have been inspired by the ruling party’s diktat.