RK’s love for celebrity status

A new media celebrity in AP

Is Andhra Jyothy managing director V Radhakrishna getting publicity-crazy? After assuming the management of Andhra Jyothy, RK, as he is known, never allowed his or his family pictures or news items to be published in his newspaper.

However, since the launching of ABN Channel, his craving for publicity seems to have increased manifold, his detractors point out. Even for neutral observers, it is evident that his paper and channel have been very liberal in flashing news or pictures of him of late.

Besides being a regular on his channel through his program Open Heart with RK, Radhakrishna has recently turned into a celebrity of sorts, attending all kinds of programs, launching new products or inaugurating retail outlets. These events now feature in the paper and the channel as a must.

The latest instance of RK’s new found zeal for self-promotion is a picture published in Andhra Jyothy Hyderabad edition on Sunday. The photo shows Radhakrishna receiving his renewed motor vehicle  license from the official at the RTA office. Is RK’s license renewal such an important news that it needs to be relayed to the people at large?

Probably RK considers himself a celebrity now, and if Junior NTR’s license renewal is news worth publishing why not his own!