Song & dance over Rachcha scene

The socalled controversial visual from Rachcha

The created controversy over a scene in Ram Charan Teja’s Rachcha is the most flimsy in recent times. The objection by a couple of little known entities was that an obscene song was pictured with Buddha in the backdrop. This somehow demeaned the greatness of Buddha.

The scene is part of the remix song Vaana Vaana Vellvaye pictured on Ram Charan and Tamanna. There is nothing much obscene or revealing in the visuals and in fact, the scene can be accused of only a bit gaudy in the true style of Tollywood.

But to protest at the song as insulting Buddha is taking things a little too far. The two outfits, who went to media with the protests, are little known in Hyderabad or Vizag, where they created a little scene over the song.

A discussion in ABN Channel actually exposed how hallow can these seasonal protests in search of some free publicity can be. One caller actually questioned Arundhati, head of a little known NGO, on why she was no desperate for publicity as is evident from her cause, which is so self-evidently trivial.

One would suspect whether the makers of the film themselves encourage such needless controversies to gain some publicity for the film