Suman, the bull on the small screen!

Suman is unstoppable

Suman is back with a vengeance. He has been making TV films left, right and centre of late. And acting in them with such relish. And showing them on ETV with such fanfare.

The man who is heir to a media empire has been making himself a laughing stock with his amateurish, anachronistic, run-of-the-mill gaudy flicks that seem completely out of place in today’s world.

The latest of his assaults is ‘Chuudu ,Chuudu Tamasha’ supposed to be a comedy-action-thriller telecast on Sunday’. It is unbelievable that a man of his family background and education could indulge in such garish, below par and crude endeavours in the name of creative expression.

Suman was actually playing a double ‘pose’ complete with 70s style mother-sister sentiment, with Robinhood elements liberally thrown in. His entire world view seems to be located in some remote past with which the current generation cannot relate to.

After falling out with his illustrious father Ramoji Rao, the younger son of media baron has been confined to pursuing his flights of fantasy through the medium of small screen in `strictly limited’ editions. Given that he was `divested’ of all other responsibilities, Suman has now the luxury of focusing all his energies on his `retro’ classics. His latest infliction ‘Sandadi’ is coming soon!

And he has been making full use of this facility extended by his father as a quid pro quo for not interfering with the day-to-day affairs of ETV. He gets all he wants – from the budget to all production requirements – to make his ‘horror’ films in the RFC. It’s probably a small price to pay for Ramoji Rao, who cannot afford to allow his prodigal son to run riot as part of management.

The message was relayed to one and all when Suman was not invited to the seventy fifth birthday celebrations of Eenadu patriarch, where interestingly Suman’s wife and children were the main draw.