Sunil’s six-pack talk of Tollywood

Comedian Sunil is taking his new role as hero very seriously. So much so that he worked hard for months to get a chiseled body. It is unbelievable but Sunil is now a true blue six-pack.

The leaked pictures from his forthcoming Poolarangadu have created waves in Tollywood as they show Sunil in a completely new avatar. Sunil’s body is on par with that of a Shahrukh or a Aamir now.

Many still think these are morphed pictures. They can’t  still believe that Sunil indeed has these biceps and triceps.

Sunil will show off his new assets in the climax scenes of Poolarangadu, which is scheduled to release for Sankranthi. It is the confidence in Sunil that made producer K Achireddy and director Veerabhadram to announce a big worldwide release of the film on January 14 in as many as 450 theaters.

The comedy actor-turned-hero’s six-pack is giving complexes to many Tollywood heroes, both young and old. While some are surprised at Sunil’s commitment to his career, many wonder how long he will be able to sustain the look.

Isha Chawla is cast opposite Sunil in the film,  while Kota , Ali and Raghubabu are among the other cast. Music is by Anup Reubens.

Look at these astonishing pictures

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