TDP to drag Sonia to court?

TDP to target Sonia in courts?

The CBI preliminary inquiry into TDP leaders’ assets have left the party gasping for a response. While the party has decided that individuals named in the HC order – barring Chandrababu Naidu – should approach the Supreme Court, it is mulling over an effective political response to the judicial onslaught targeted at them.

Now the TDP seems to have formulated a tit-for-tat approach. TDP is seriously considering a move to file public interest litigation against Congress boss and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, listing out various illegalities in many of the trusts being run under her supervision.

The party is busy gathering material and evidence against Sonia Gandhi and her family to file a petition in the apex court. Along with Sonia, TDP is reportedly planning to drag her son-in-law Robert Vadra and also different trusts managed by various Congress leaders such as Ahmad Patel and Motilal Vora.

Towards this end, Chandrababu Naidu is said to be discussing the various options with friends in other political parties at the national level. The petition will pray the court to order inquiry into allegations of corporate funding and contributions from various sources to Congress party’s coffers.

As with the case against Jagan, TDP is likely to ask its senior leaders Yerrannaidu and Yanamala Ramakrishnudu to front the move. The party may get in touch with Janata Party leader Subramanya Swamy, who has been a bitter critic of Sonia Gandhi.

Swamy, who claimed in the past to possess damning material against Sonia Gandhi, has been giving sleepless nights to the Congress Party over the 2G Spectrum case. TDP is expected to finalize its move in the coming weeks, party insiders say.

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