The cocky AP map is now a hot topic

mapThe map of the new Andhra Pradesh looks like similar to that of Florida. But for some on reddit, the social news aggregation site, the map reminded them of something else!

There are more than a hundred comments for the topic ‘Andhra Pradesh should redesign this map/logo’. 

‘You have ruined it for me forever. I can never look back at the map now without seeing a dong,’ said one, referring to the map put up at the recently concluded CII Partnership Summit. Another has this witty remark:

They should change their slogan also with this one : “Make Andhra Pradesh ERECT Again”

But for those who may feel dejected at the shape of the map, somebody has this advice: Dont worry Florida and Manhattan have dick shaped maps and they turned out to be fine…

Another assured: I was at this conference and also am on reddit…I remember seeing this thing, it was rotating. I did not make the connection at the time so reddit hasn’t ruined me yet, yay!

We can conclude with this one: The logo looks just a bit COCKY!