TRS uneasy at TDP’s dookudu

Namaste Telangana cartoon

TRS is at a loss over the increasingly aggressive approach of TDP over Telangana. TDP is leaving no stone unturned to revive its fortunes in the region, where it was almost decimated by KCR and his supporters. But, of late TDP seems to be more confident and is even targeting KCR without fear of reprisal.

TDP senior MLA Motkupalli Narsimhulu launched a frontal attack against KCR and TRS, which put the latter in defence mode. Chandrababu Naidu’s recent forays into Telangana districts too reiterated the party’s ability to mark its presence, despite stiff opposition from TRS.

An embattled TRS is now trying to portray Naidu as a faction leader, who is out to beat up everybody coming in his way. Today’s Namaste Telangana, the voice of TRS, carried a front page story on how the TDP chief was being accompanied by ‘goondas’ who are ‘harassing’ Telangana people during his tours.

Throwing lot of figures, the report says that 200-500 vehicles join his tours from Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts to ensure that there was no disturbance during the visit. These guys are carrying stones in the dickeys. There are no people coming to Chandrababu’s meetings, only TDP supporters accompanying him are the listeners to his speeches.

Namaste Telangana even compares Naidu’s tours to Jagan’s Odarup Yatra, which are more like ‘raids’ than interactions with public.

On the whole, it looks like TRS is indeed feeling intimidated by the inroads being made by TDP, which was only recently dismissed as no force in Telangana.