TV9 says No to Varma

Varma no more welcome to TV studios!

Ram Gopal Varma is a poor reflection of his former self. His desperation to grab attention is showing. Every time he plans a film, or releases one, he keeps indulging in every trick under sleeve to make viewers interested in his wares.

Once inaccessible even to the high and mighty of Telugu film industry, the maverick director is now available off the shelf. He is seen on every news channel promoting his new release and trying hard to sound different.

On the eve of his latest film Bezawada releasing tomorrow, Varma has been shuttling across various channel offices for the last couple of days. The channels seem to have got so bored with his interviews that they are thinking twice before accepting his offer to come down.

Latest is that TV9 politely refused to host his presence, as the channel felt that there was nothing much to talk about his latest film, which has already been over-publicized.

Though on record Varma rejected that Bezawada theme was based on real-life incidents, he allowed the ruckus over the content of the film, and rumours about who was showed in favourable light – Devineni or Ranga faction.

But those in the know say that Varma would have made a film more fictional than real. He slyly enjoys all the protests against the film, which create the required hype for its commercial success.