Why Pawan attacks BJP, but not Modi…

Pawan avoids targeting Modi personally...

Pawan avoids targeting Modi personally…

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan seems to have unleashed a no-holds-barred tirade against BJP and Modi Government. For the last few days, Pawan has been tweeting a series of critical comments against the BJP Government. What started off as a rallying cry for Special Status for Andhra Pradesh, now seems to have acquired a full-fledged anti-BJP rancour. 

The latest of his attack concerned demonetization move. Yesterday, in as many as six tweets, Pawan Kalyan blasted the RBI Governor Urjit Patel for the mess created in the name of rooting out black money.

Today, he is at it again, targeting Sidharthnath Singh, BJP In-charge for AP. Dubbing the notes ban as ‘monumental blunder’, the actor-turned-politician advised Singh not to patronize him. 

Pawan latest tweet

Pawan latest tweet

In the earlier tweets on the same subject, while quoting the death of one Balaraju of Kurnool, Pawan alleged the former was a victim of Modi’s move. He went to say that in a country where manual scavenging could not be eradicated till date, Modi Government wants to augur a cashless economy. Innocent, helpless people are dying in the queues while the rich were converting their hoarded cash, sitting in the luxury of home. 

While evidently Pawan Kalyan has taken a position vis-à-vis the BJP Government, curiously the Jana Sena chief has failed to name Narendra Modi in all of his outbursts till date. Whether he is waiting for the right time to take on Modi himself, or whether it is part of a game plan, only he would be aware is a two-thousand rupee note question.

Pawan might like to say that he would not like to target people personally. But the same principle does not seem to have come in his way, when Pawan went on hammering Venkaiah Naidu over Spl Status, or now Urjit Patel on demonetization. The more likely explanation is that Pawan, despite all his bravado, is not yet ready to take on the might of the Modi juggernaut. Pawan may not be vulnerable because he does not have too much money hoarded under his sofas, but the same cannot be said of his family, especially his esteemed brother Chiranjeevi, or brother-in-law Allu Aravind. The tax raids are always a tantalizing possibility for the Chiru family. In this backdrop, it will be interesting to see how far will Pawan go in taking on the BJP Government.