Will KK get renominated to RS?

KK missing!

Congress MP K Keshava Rao has suddenly disappeared from the media radar of late. He is not be seen anywhere in Delhi or in Hyderabad. He is missing even in the press conferences being held by Congress MPs of late.

What is the reason? KK seems to have bitten more than he can chew over the Telangana agitation. He sought to make use of the issue to increase his political stature in Delhi. But his move has actually boomeranged.

The Congress high command is so upset with him that KK is worried over his future. He is reportedly getting ready to vacate his MP quarters in Delhi. KK, whose Rajya Sabha term is ending in April next, has no hopes of getting nominated once again.

KK thought he was playing smart when he entered into an understanding with KCR and sought to use Telangana MPs play second fiddle to TRS in the agitation. He especially had a hold on MPs Manda Jagannadham, Rajaiah and Vivek.

But after Delhi made its mind known, KK is running for cover. While his colleague Sudha Rani (TDP)’s resignation letter was rejected by Rajya Sahba Chairman Hamid Ansari, KK’s letter is still pending with him, causing a lot of discomfort for him.

With slim chances of getting a re-nomination for the Upper House, KK reportedly has come to an understanding with KCR for Jaheerabad Lok Sabha seat in 2014 elections.