V6 News, the latest channel for news in Telugu, started its test signal from Friday. Coming after a long gap, the new launch has naturally attracted the attention of all those following the media scene in the state.

The launch appears to be smooth, and the look and the feel of the channel is okay, though not particularly superior compared to the existing channels. The logo design -with red and blue combination – is distinct but not very eye-pleasing. The look of the channel will be complete only when the ticker is added, which is presently missing.

The content, whatever little is being aired now and the promos and the news stories have not been too exciting till now. But it is early days but given that a strong team is in place with a financially sound management backing it up, the channel may yet be able to rise up.

Promoted by Congress MP G Vivekananda, the channel is expected to go live from March 23. But interestingly, for reasons not immediately known, Vivek is operating from behind the scenes. Officially, the channel is promoted by H Rajinder Reddy, a non-resident Indian, and Gusti Noria, a businessman.