A Kannadiga as TN Governor?

D H Shankaramurthy

D H Shankaramurthy

Looks like the era of Telugu Governors for Tamil Nadu is going to end soon. Presently, Ch Vidyasagara Rao, the Maharasthra Governor, is holding responsibilities as TN Governor, following the end of K Rosaiah’s tenure. According to media reports, BJP senior leader from Karntaka D H Shankaramurthy is likely to take over the new Governor of Tamil Nadu. An Arya Vysya, Shankaramurthy is presently Chairman of Karnataka Legislative Council. 

The 5-time MLC, who hails from Shimoga, reacting to the reports, said, “I am very conversant in Kannada and Telugu and cultural habits of southern Indian States. I prefer to become the Governor of one of the southern States.”

Given that Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have been involved in political battles with strong emotional undertones, it is surprising that the BJP should choose a Kannadiga as Tamil Nadu Governor. It would be difficult for a Governor with Karnataka origin to be seen as fair and impartial, in the event of any rupture over Kaveri waters, which has become an annual phenomenon in recent times.

It is just like appointing an Andhra as Telangana Governor, or a Telangana leader as AP Governor. 

It will indeed be a major step for the BJP in Tamil Nadu if it were to go ahead with its present proposal. The saffron party is set to encash the political void created by the demise of Jayalalithaa, and is carefully planning to entrench itself on the Tamil soil. In this backdrop, it is to be seen whether Tamils will tolerate and appreciate BJP bringing in a Kannadiga as Governor, who can play a crucial role given the change in the politics of the state.