Brahmi’s sahasra avatars

Talking of morphed pictures, nobody can beat Brahmanandam in this new pastime of netizens. Hundreds of them, creatively visualized by anonymous fans, are doing the rounds of virtual world.

Whether Brahmanandam’s face lends itself to such multiple layers of morphing into all kinds of people – Indian and foreign – or whether it is the creative outburst of his fans is difficult to tell.

From politicians to leading heroes in their latest avatars, there is no celebrity that Brahmi has not been turned into. The titles of some of these morphed images are also funny and hilarious.

Kapil Sibal will certainly not take offense at these expressions of spontaneous creativity, which provoke laughter at best.

Have a hearty laugh at these filmy, social and political avatars of Brahmi in the following pages.   More

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