Can Pawan and Politics go together?


By Ramesh Kandula

Pawan Kalyan is serious about his political foray. His Uddanam visit is an indication of this intent. But has he been able to get a hold of the way politics operate in our state?

The latest gig seems to be an attempt on the part of the Pawan Kalyan to show that he is very much into political practice. While his try is credit-worthy since the issue is genuine and needs redressal, the way he approached the problem smacks of immaturity. 

The issue is not related to popular resentment, and hence whether the Government responds or not, the public is not going to be provoked. And the way Pawan spoke, it was evident he was very tentative in his approach. Pawan cannot expect that he can raise an issue and the Government would respond at once.

At least, not with issues like Uddanam, however real it might be. Besides, these elaborately choreographed events with filmy touch may not cut ice with many people.

Politics is all about bigger problems and emotional issues. Pawan probably will get more attention from the State Government, if he were to talk about, for example, Kapu reservations, or at least irrigation projects, or may be lack of development in Rayalaseema.

On the other hand, Pawan will certainly gain political experience and trust among people, if he were to understand the issues such as Uddanam – however small and limited they are – in depth and fight to the finish. But the past incidents do not inspire such confidence. 

Take the example of Amaravati. Though he had made some noise on land acquisition, there was no clarity as to what his stand was on the issue, or what he had achieved. 

In any case, these are early days for Pawan’s political experiments. He always comes across as a person who is restless about the state of things, but is unable to find ways to change them. However, he doesn’t have too much time left on his hands to learn the art of the impossible.