Deputy CM turns ambitious

A host of identical stories published in most of the newspapers on Tuesday about the increasing gulf between the CM and the Deputy CM and the latter’s plans to take on Kiran are a clear indication of the power struggle within the ruling party.

Kiran played a role in bringing in Damodara Rajanarasimha as Deputy CM. The CM had preferred him to Geetha Reddy, who he thought would be a challenger to his position in the long run. But developments proved otherwise. Damodara has turned out to be more ambitious than Kiran had imagined.

The Deputy CM has been active for some time now, mobilizing leaders of Dalit sections to rally against the CM’s alleged anti-Dalit policies. Shankar Rao’s removal was also used by him to rouse political passions among the Dalits against the CM. From Manda Krishan to Katti Padmarao, all known and and unknown Dalit leaders are mounting campaign against Kiran.

Damodara reportedly has been making all the leaks to the media against the CM. Even what transpired at Coordination Committee meet was reported verbatim in the news papers. Damodara suspects that Gulam Nabi Azad is hand in glove with Kiran and hence the anti-Azad reports were also allegedly plugged by Damodara’s men.

The Deputy CM, according to close observers, sees a great opportunity for himself as future CM and he is leaving no stone unturned to hasten the process. Kiran reportedly has a very low opinion of Damodara, who spends more time in playing cards than in administrative affairs in his perception. No wonder, Kiran has been cold to him, which in any case has been Kiran’s second nature.

Damodara is now planning to organize public meetings across the state to boost his image as Dalit leader and to consolidate the vote bank to be able to challenge Kiran. Things are likely to get hotter in the coming days.