KCR not picking up Kodandaram’s phone!

Kodandaram frustrated!

TRS seems to have lost all interest in agitations and protests. KCR and his party apparently decided to lie low for the time being and conserve all its political energies for the 2014 polls.

No wonder, the party made it amply clear to the JAC headed by Kodandaram that it would neither lead nor participate in any agitation programs as demanded by the former. Party leader Nayani Narasimha Reddy minced no words about the party’s view in the regard to the JAC meeting held on Wednesday.

While the JAC consisting of BJP, New Democracy and a few other outfits argued for chalking out a program for protests following the Centre’s disinclination for separate Telangana, Nayani told them that they could go ahead without TRS.

So disinterested is TRS in any on ground activities that the party was cold even to a proposal to organize a protest against the Preventive Detention Act, under which its own leaders including TRS politburo member Dr Cheruku Sudhakar were put behind the bars.

“I called up KCR at least 4 times, but he has not responded. I cannot carry on like this,” a frustrated Kodandaram is reported to have burst out.

Even K T Rama Rao, the key man in TRS, reportedly said that there was no point in street protests when people were not interested.