Mallemala’s expose of filmy people in autobio

How NTR came into politics

Mallemala also describes the event that triggered NTR’s unexpected foray into politics. Magunta Subbirami Reddy, the well-known industrialist, who later turned politician, built three cinema theaters in Nellore. Mallemala organized NTR for the inauguration of the theater complex on the Magunta’s request. N Janardhana Reddy, who was the Revenue Minister then, was also invited.

Protocol demands that Janardhana Reddy’s name should figure first on the invitation card. But realizing that NTR would get upset over this, Mallemala arranged to have 100 cards printed separately to please the hero’s ego. But that was not the end of the story.

When NTR arrived in Nellore and was refreshing himself in a room at a guest house, Janardhana Reddy arrived and made unsavoury remarks about his room being used by others, which made NTR feel bad. Later that evening, the chill continued with Janardhana Reddy trying to assert his superiority. An upset NTR did not even have his food.

Before leaving Nellore, NTR apparently remarked to Mallemala that Janardhana Reddy behaved the way he did only because of his political power. “We will also get into politics, and our inspiration should be Vivekananda,” NTR told him.   More

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