Suma rules TV anchoring

Suma, queen of small screen

Who is the reigning queen of Telugu entertainment television? No prizes for guessing the answer. Suma is the most sought after anchor for entertainment shows currently, and is in great demand for compeering live shows, especially audio functions of big budget movies.

Suma is making nothing less than Rs 15 lakhs a month currently, according to sources in the Telugu television industry. She is charging around Rs 70,000 per episode and has four shows currently in different channels.

That makes it 16 shows a month and a neat 11 lakhs a month. Besides, she gets to do at least four live shows a month. Almost every audio function of big heroes nowadays is anchored by Suma.

Nearly 15 years into the television industry, Suma has been able to continue to entertain audiences with her spontaneity and wit. Her Telugu diction is near perfect, considering that she is a born Malayali. Married to Rajiv Kanakala, Suma probably is more Telugu than most of the current crop of anchors in exuding nativity.

Her husband Rajiv, whose career in movies is not exactly flourishing has tried his hand in television with the show ‘Abhimani’ but failed to enthral audience. The show barely lasted its initial run of 13 weeks.

Interestingly, Suma never showed much interest in films. She said in an interview that she was not keen even on television anchoring and always thought it was only a temporary phase.

But now that she earned her fame and money in TV, she loves her job!