About Us

Let us face this question: In a cluttered world of web media, why another one?

How many times do you wonder why a plethora of news websites and portals on Andhra Pradesh leave you more confused? How often do you yearn for clarity amidst cacophony, accuracy amidst exaggeration and professionalism amidst mediocrity!

Here we are, making a sincere attempt to clear the musty cobwebs of stagnated information and present the news in a crisp and racy style. And gift-wrap it in a proper perspective and context.

Making this possible is our team of dyed-in-the-wool professionals who, like meticulous chefs, would like to serve the food for thought that is as appetizing and palatable as it is stimulating.

AP New Live is not just another website that wants to be an also-ran. We aim to be a portal with a difference – in terms of quality – of content, presentation and approach.

Most of the current sites that cover Andhra Pradesh news are not exactly known either for professionalism or accuracy. Many of them have an amateur feel and none of them carry the stamp of credibility that some of the traditional and mainstream newspapers are known for.

It is this vacuum that we intend to fill. And offer more value.

Launched by working journalists with years of experience, AP News Live is a professional portal that will provide comprehensive, credible, well-informed, fast-paced, unbiased and contextual news, views and features on all aspects of life of Telugus living across the world.

AP News Live aims to inform, entertain, provoke and encourage healthy debate on various issues affecting the state and its people.

We have a healthy respect for readers’ intelligence and earnestly strive to maintain the standards of excellence in news reporting and analysis.

We welcome your feedback at feedback@apnewslive.com