Bezawada is a dud film

Rowdy or comedy!

As expected, Ram Gopal Varma’s Bezawada has turned out to be a dud. The film is more intolerable than expected is the general talk.

One viewer said it was more like a parody on rowdyism and absolutely lacked the punch that is associated with Varma films.

Varma claimed that after watching Naga Chaitanya’s acting in the film, he firmly believes that he is a far superior an actor compared to his father Nagarjuna. But viewers beg to differ. Chaitanya trying to sound like a rowdy has come across more like a comedy is the verdict.

The only truth that Varma spoke about the film is that the story has nothing to do with the real Bezawada rowdies. The story is about a boy, whose two elder brothers are killed by the villain and how he takes his revenge. But the run of the story and the handling and the taking leave a lot to be desired.

A disappointed Devineni Avinash, son of Devineni Nehru, who had erected flex boards for the movie in Viyayawada, said that it appeared that the Bezawada title was given only to create a controversy as the film’s story was completely different.

There is nothing to talk good about the film except the background score. The movie has five music composers!

The film, directed by Vivek Krishna, is sure to to be wound up in a couple of weeks from all theaters.